29 de febrero de 2016


I couldn’t believe my eyes…

This happened at the end of summer , when I had already finished all my exams . I lived in Najera , a small town in La Rioja , but not for a long time : my mother and I had to go to go to live in Calahorra because of my mother’s job .So , she had already rente dan apartment and , sometimes , she travelled to Calahorra to leave some of our things in our new home .
That day , a normal summer day , she was going to carry some stuff to Calahorra , helped by my grandmother .I have to say something that will be important in this story : I used t olive in the fourth floor , and my grandmother lived in the first one .
She and my mother were going to spend the night in Calahorra .I couldn’t go with them because it was September and I had some recuperation exams the next day .

I’m definitely not a lucky girl . Stupidly , I decided to go for a walk with my grandmother’s dog .It was very funny until I realised that I had no keys .But I remembered that my uncle probably had a copy , so I felt relaxed again and kept playing with the dog .
Then , I went to my uncle’s house to ask for the keys , but nobody answered .That’s when I began to remember the horrible truth : my mother had told me that he still wasn’t back from his trip to some stupid place that I couldn’t remember…

A Little worried , I went to my Street and began asking the neighbours if they had a key of my house . None of them had one .I felt the urge of giving myself a facepalm . What was I going to do alone , all night , with a dog too small to hurt anything bigger than a rat (unless it was a really huge rat) and worst of all , without my school books ? Would I be murdered ? Would I fail my exams ? What would I do with the dog ? I couldn’t enter the school with him the next day , even if I survived that night .My paranoid and dramatic personality started imagining the most horrible scenarios . I felt like the main carácter of a horror movie .Only the dog biting me playfully but showing very little control on his own strengh kept me in the real world .

After boiling my brain trying to find a way to enter my house , I thought about visiting a friend of my mother .I didn’t know if she was traveling , but she was my only hope .She wouldn’t have any copy of the keys , but I would be safe for the night .The only problema was that she lived far , in Uruñuela…

I went to her house , hoping she would be there , attacked by that crazy hyperactive dog which wanted to play and kept running everywhere and biting my feet .Unluckily , my mother’s friend wasn’t there .She was probably enjoying the sun at a beautiful beach , while I stood alone with the night already falling , a crazy dog and no school books .I swore and cursed the dog , Calahorra , my grandmother , my neighbours , my mother , the keys , myself , all the world…

I made my way back and decided to try to hide somewhere and hope no crazy murderer would find me .I finally arrived to Nájera and crossed sadly my Street .Then , I started wondering where to go , when I saw suddenly the dog looking at me with a hopeful look in his eyes .He was probably hungry and knew that I usually had dog treats in my pockets .

I put one hand in my pocket to give him some food , and felt something metallic .When I looked at it , I couldn’t believe my eyes and hesitated between anger and relief .

Finally , I hadn’t forgotten the blasted keys .They had been there . All the time .

Again , I wanted to give myself a ‘’facepalm’’ .And that time I did it , to the shock and amazement of the few people that were near me , and of the dog , who was still waiting for his treat…

Laura Jaquet- 2º de bachillerato 

It’s never too late

We were 15, Emma and I thought about our journeys in the future. We were always in search of adventure. We signed in at all camps and trips. We looked extreme sports too, rafting, mountain climbing, hiking in trails. But when we got to Bachelor our lives were separated. She went to London to study and I went to Barcelona. I kept an album with photos of the places we wanted to visit. One of the places that caught my attention were the Niagara Falls, an amazing destination. I was 32 at this time. There is still time to travel and live adventures. I searched her phone in my old diary may be she hadn’t changed it. I phoned her but other voice answered me. Her daughter I supposed, she looked sad. I asked for Emma but to my surprise she had died in an accident two years ago. I will not give up. I took a plane and a helicopter and in few hours I stood at the falls. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I set foot there. The view was unbelievable. The light of the sunset painted that amazing landscape with warm colours. I breathed deeply and I remembered Emma. She would have loved to be there with me, climbing the Niagara Falls had always been her dream. Tears were running down my cheeks, many memories were running in my mind.

Claudia Arenzana  3ºA 

                      Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a princess called Cristina, she lived in a castle where was in the center of Calahorra. One day Cristina’s father called she and he said he was searched a husband to her, but she didn’t wanted she cried. The father was furious with her and he sent her to the dungeon. The other servant called Abraham Mateo gave Cristina food, but she didn’t wanted. When she was sewing passed Justin Bieber. Cristina pricked her self with the needle, and Justin Bieber listened her. He rescued Cristina and he fell in love. He said to went dinner at the restaurant. She went to had a shower and put her clothes. When they finished dinner Justin Bieber asked her to married him. She said yes and went in a horse to the church and got married. And they lived happily ever after. And one year later they had two children’s called Selena Gomez and Pablo Alboran.

Patricia Jimenez lago  2º ESO B


A person that I admire is Aurora she is my basketball coach. She has an average height, her hair is brown and short, she is about forty two years old but she appears less. She has got two daughters: Sandra and Carmen, they are very good playing basketball like her mother.
Aurora loves playing basketball. She starts playing basketball when she was a child. I admire Aurora because she is always happy and she never gives up. When we lose a match she encourages us. She has a lot of energy and she is very fun. Without Aurora the trainings would not be the same.
Aurora works in a school she is the physical education teacher. The name of the school is San Andrés.
For me Aurora is the best coach that I had. Because with Aurora I always learn a lot of things.

Sara Herce Martínez  1º E 

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