14 de mayo de 2012


            Dear schoolmates,
            Some students in 3rd and 4th ESO have just arrived from Germany and we would like to tell you about our fantastic experience.

In the Black Forest
            All started in the morning of 23rd March. At 8 a.m we got on the bus and we said goodbye to our families. We weren't sad at all, we were very excited. The flight was very interesting as some of us had never flown before. The plane took off from Bilbao airport and we landed in Stuttgart (Germany). When we arrived to Kirchheim (the village where the school was located), our German mates were waiting for us at the High School. They had prepared some typical food of Germany that we tasted. Then each of us went to our houses to meet the German families. We stayed all weekend with our German friends and their families. On Saturday, all the Spanish people met and we went to dance in a disco. We had a very good time!
            The rest of the week we went to many different trips in the mornings. We learnt and saw many things about Germany. We visited the High School and the Black Forest, we tasted its famous cake (Black Forest Chocolate Cake), we visited the Mercedes Museum, we went to a factory of glass and a cuckoo clock shop, we went shopping in Stuttgart… In the evening we were with our German mates in Kirchheim and we met some people and we had dinner together or we watched a film, we sang in Singstart, we went to the bowling alley, we played billiards, we ate an ice-cream…

Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart
            Finally Friday arrived, we had to say goodbye. Nobody wanted to leave Germany. We said bye and cried. We got on the bus to go to Stuttgart airport to  return to Spain but everybody was sad because some of us knew we would never see our friends again. However, some Spanish students are already planning to see their German mates in summer. This is the good point of an exchange, you can always get in touch with your new friends.

            It has been a fantastic week; we will never forget it and obviously our German friends will remember us forever. So, if you have the opportunity, don’t doubt about it. It is a great experience, you can meet many people, practice languages, learn about different cultures and many other wonderful things.
                                                                                        Best wishes,

                                                                                  3º ESO B students

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